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Adipositas, Diabetes, Bluthochdruck und Krebs - diese Zivilisationskrankheiten kommen nicht von ungefähr. Aber es ist nicht ein einzelner Faktor, der für eine Erkrankung verantwortlich ist, sondern das Zusammenspiel aus genetischer Veranlagung, Umweltfaktoren, dem individuellen Lebensstil - und somit auch der Ernährung!

There are few marks on the road where the missiles hit the innocents of Marjayoun. But there are the memories of what happened immediately after the Israeli airstrike on the convoy of 3 000 people after dark on 11 August: a 16-year old Christian girl screaming "I want my Daddy" as her father's mutilated body lay a few metres away from her; the town mukhtar discovering that his
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As tensions increase on the Israeli-Lebanese border the possibility is growing that a confrontation with Iran may move from Syria to Lebanon. For the United States turning its back on this small but strategically critical country and conflating U.S. interests in Lebanon solely with countering Iran could be short-sighted and a missed opportunity at a time when the region has few.
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