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Rayak Hoch Hala is one of many municipalities in Lebanon | Index of Lebanon The original Lebanese source to find your local doctors companies mechanics attorneys dentists and more in Lebanon. [Lebanese business listings phone numbers maps email addresses & websites] Mobile Version
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Rayak Air Base (Arabic language: B'9/) 1J'B 'D HJ)‎ Kaidat Rayak al-jawiya) (ICAO: OLRA) is Lebanon's first air base and the place where the Lebanese Air Force was born on June 1 1949. Located in the middle of the Bekaa Valley to the east between the towns of Zahlé and Anjar it symbolizes the...
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Lebanon Air Force Museum Rayak Air Force Base Lebanon Aircraft: Vampire T55 Hunter F6 Alouette II Alouette III AB212 CM170 Magister SA342L Gazelle
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